Ajmer To Merta Taxi

Ajmer To Merta Taxi

Merta City

Merta town could be a town and a municipality placed in Nagaur district within the Indian state of Rajasthan. Pin code of Merta is 341510. Merta town was established in 1480 and has witnessed vast and ancient events ever since. it’s currently a municipality that is set within the Nagpur district in Rajasthan. As per the agreement of 2001, Merta had a population of forty,252. Some villages that lie close to town embrace Morra, Sogawas, Indawar, Dangawas, Badgaon, Ren, Kumpdash, Chapari, Bedavri, Riyan Baddi, Kalru, Mokalpur, Lamba Jatan, Dhadhasni and lots of a lot of. it’s associate altitude of 316m. the best and most original attractions in Merta town embrace Meera Tibeto-Burman Temple, Aurangzeb musjid and Bhanwal Mata Temple.

Ajmer To Merta Taxi
Ajmer To Merta Taxi

Merta City History

Merta was once a prosperous kingdom of the brave Mertia Rathore Rajputs, the descendants of Rao Duda, Ruler of Merta (1495-1525 AD), fourth son of Rao Jodha, and gramps of legendary saint patrician Mira Tibeto-Burman, female offspring in law of Rana Sanga of Mewar. Later, out of jealousy, throughout the reign of Rao Veeramdev, Merta was attacked by Rao Maldeo Rathore of Jodhpur, the top of the Rathore kin group. Thereafter, Viramdev established rule at Degana, Parbatsar and Ajmer severally, however was dethroned once more. Being extremely pessimistic, he took refuge at Amarsar, the Shekhawat capital and once a year persuaded Sur Emperor Sher sovereign Suri to attack Jodhpur. once Shershah attacked Jodhpur, Rao Maldeo fled effort his army in battle that fough ferociously however lost and a year later Maldeo gave his female offspring in wedding to reconstruct cordial relations with city state.

Meera Bai Temple
Meera Bai Temple

it’s during this context, the Emperor aforementioned – Mutthi bhar bajre ke liye main dilli ki cushion kho baithta, which means ‘I would have lost the throne of city for containerful cattail millet (the Barren Land of Marwar). one in all the numerous consequence of the war was regain of Merta throne by Rao Viramdev Mertia, whose son, Rao Jaimal succeeded him and in tune with the traditions of the brave kin group added four moons to the glory of Merta. Rao Jaimal (1544-1568 AD) was conjointly the commander of Mewar wherever his cousin-german sister Mira Tibeto-Burman was married into the Sisodia royal line. As against submissive Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and numerous different Rajput Kingdoms, solely Merta and Mewar refused to allow daughters to Mughals. once Akbar attacked Mewar, with a military of Jaipur and Jodhpur States, Rao Jaimal, the commander of Mewar, fought ferociously and died of battle wounds. Merta was before long incorporate with Jodhpur State and fourteen his sons got tiny principalities near .


Merta town lies at a distance of ninety seven klick from Jodhpur aerodrome and has its own junction that is well connected to any or all the foremost cities. Merta town is set at a distance of sixty one klick from Pushkar that makes it a one-hour drive from Pushkar to achieve there.


Merta town is off the Jodhpur-Bathinda line however with a link. Merta town is middle purpose of Rajasthan thus transport facilities area unit terribly simple.

  • Fifteen klick far from Merta Road junction
  • Sixty klick far from Pushkar
  • Eighty klick far from Ajmer
  • One hundred twenty klick far from Jodhpur
  • 250 klick far from Jaipur

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