Sachchiya Mata Temple Jodhpur

Sachchiya Mata Temple Jodhpur

Sachchiya Mata Temple Jodhpur


There Is Ancient Temple in Osian close to Jodhpur town Sachchiya Mata Temple Jodhpur.
The mother immortal Sachiya is loved there by Maid Hindu Swarnakar, Marwadi, Oswal, Agarwal, Maheshwari, and Mayecha. Panwar Rajputs/Parmar Rajputs, Lakhesars Kumawat, Oswal, Charans, Jains, Pareeks Brahmins, and lots of different castes living in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and North Asian country. The temple Engeneiring Is  by the Parmar King Upendre for his Kuldevi within the ninth to tenth century metal.

Sachchiya Mata Temple Jodhpur, Maa Jagat Bhawani Shri Sachchiyay Mataji conjointly referred to as Shri Osiya Mataji is Kuldevi of Oswals. An archeological team found several samples, statues, and paintings there. Depictions enclosed the traditional supernatural being of Harihar, Vasudeva with baby Krishna on his head, Krishna fighting with a horse, the killing of Putna, Kalidaman, Govardhan dharan, and butter stealing along side pictures of Balram that appear to represent him because the incarnation of Seshnaga.

Sachchiya Mata Temple  Goddess Sachi was a girl of the Asura king Pauloma. However The benevoent King Pauloma dominated an excellent kingdom, sponsoring several Brahmins. Vrut was the chief of Pauloma’s army, and he wished to marry Sachi. However, Sachi thought of this proposal insulting, as she didn’t wish to marry a servant of her father. Vrut, together with his magic, assembled an excellent army, and with this virtue of immortality, he taken off to win the Aryan lands and carve out a kingdom larger than Pauloma’s.

Jodhpur City

Osiya was a once an outsized city. Telivada Is 4.8 km away in Tinvari village. And Also Pandit FTO ki Dhani is  9.7 km away. An additional  9.7 km away is Kshatripura. At twenty  39 km is Lohavat, home of iron smiths. 108 religion temples are There in Osiya. However Osiya is placed concerning twenty five miles 40 km from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. it’s connected by roads and trains with Jodhpur and Pokharan

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